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As a long lasting tribute to your loved one, the memorial gravestone you choose from us can be tailored to your individual requirements in terms of size, colour, design and ornamentation.  Personal ornamentation and designs can be included to make your choice of granite gravestone or marble headstone truly unique, whether it is a particular sport, pastime or hobby, or perhaps some special achievement, we can create a memorial design for you that will encompass all those thoughts and memories within a choice of materials. We offer differing ornaments, frames and vases which may also be added or replaced. When choosing a memorial you should also take into consideration the durability of the stone. Granite headstones are far more durable than marble headstones and granite is suited to etching and sandblasting of detailed designs on headstones.

Before you decide on your memorial marble gravestone, granite headstone or plaque, an application must be made on your behalf to the local authority or local church minister for permission to erect monuments made by memorial stone masons, or to inscribe an additional inscription onto an existing gravestone within a cemetery or churchyard.  Diocese rules for churchyard memorials outline that only a headstone or gravestone of an unpolished finish is allowed and white marble memorial masonry is not permitted within a churchyard. Some local parish councils have similar rules and regulations. A cemetery can and will refuse any headstone, gravestone or memorial plaque that does not meet their particular requirements. The Diocese rules are quite complex, we can offer further advice on these rules, we can do all the paper work for you a apply to the local cemetery or church on your behalf.

We can also supply house plaques and pet memorials.

The work we carry out will be assured by National Association of Monumental Masons (NAMM) Regulations, our skilled memorial stonemasons are members of the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) which ensures they are experienced in designing, engraving and preparing memorial headstones and gravestones of the highest quality.

As reputable monumental stonemasons, your local Funeral Directors adhere strictly to the NAMM Regulations for the fixing of memorials.  Any new monument made a memorial mason or older memorials re-fixed following renovation or additional inscriptions, must be fixed using the NAMM landing and ground anchor, this is to reduce the possibility of the future toppling of the headstones and gravestones.

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Robson & Stephens can arrange a beautiful memorial for your loved ones final resting place, from Traditional Headstones, Gravestones, Kerb-set or just a simple plaques, all memorials are of the highest quality and durability

We can also undertake Cleaning and Renovating on all Memorials. New letters which may need re-leading, re-blacking or re-gilding as well as maintenance to a memorial that may need straightening

“As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.”
Leonardo da Vinci

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