A Personal and Memorable Funeral Service

Why not be creative to make a Funeral service Personal and Memorable?

If you have lost a loved one, you know It is one of the most challenging and emotionally difficult time in your life, and it is important to you to create a lasting memory for family and friends. Honouring and remembering a loved one life through adding personal and meaningful touches to the service, can help you and your family find comfort at this really hard time.

If you are uncertain where to begin, you count on us to guide you attentively and compassionately through the creation of a personalised funeral or a memorial service.

A service is about remembering, honouring and celebrating a life lived.  Personalising a funeral or memorial service begins with considering the life they have lived, Jobs, Achievements, favourite songs, hobbies, favourite food, songs, drinks, photos, and any other items to focus on making the service a tribute and celebration of their life. Some people find it very hard to cope with the loss and creating an uplifting ambiance will help families and close friends feel more comfortable and focus on cherishing and preserving good memories.

There are also many ways of personalising a service that are more interactive and can make the family and funeral guests feel more involved in the service so they can begin their healing journey.

Here are some creative personalisation ideas you may want to consider:

A memory table. 

A memory table has become a staple of any personalized service.  Multiple memory tables can be set up to represent different life chapters or interests and accomplishments of your loved one’s life.  Family and friends are encouraged to use their imagination using different items to reflect the deceased’s life, such as photos, certificates, trophies, memorabilia, and much more.


A Memory Tree 

This is a great way to engage funeral guests during the service.  Guests can write down their favourite memory of the loved one and put it on a beautifully decorated memory tree that the family can take home with them.


 Loved One’s Favourite sweets or drink.

This is a nice and easy way to have guests smile and reflect on the life of the deceased.  Funeral directors can pass out small packets of the person’s favourite sweets or a small bottle of drink for everyone to take home in memory of him or her.  Extra special touch can be added by taping a small message to the sweets.  

A Memorial Stone Station

A station can be set with small stones and permanent markers, with a sign instructing guests to write their names and a brief note on a rock to honour the loved one.  The family can keep the rocks in their home, garden, or scatter them somewhere that is meaningful to their loved one.

 A Unique Photo Display 

A very creative and unique way for a family to display photos of their loved one is to use balloons, as shown below.  This will create a very beautiful and memorable atmosphere for the service. 

Tree Seedlings or flower seeds

A truly wonderful way to pay tribute to your loved one would be for guests to plant a tree to honour and remember them.  The family can pass tree seedlings out to guests, so each guest can plant it in their own garden or another meaningful place. The family also could incorporate the plantings of seedlings into the service, providing that a meaningful and legal place to plant them was found.


A fun and lovely way to remember a fun-loving person is to blow bubbles while your loved one is carried into the service.

To create a personalised, meaningful, and memorable service, we will ensure we work closely with you.  Also, you may want to consider involving friends and family during the arrangement process to help generate and deliver ideas. Remember anything is possible, we will help you make your loved one’s service the most wonderful and beautiful service that your loved one deserves.